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Private house in Peetri village

Private house in Peetri village

The interior design of the 1st floor was completed under the supervision of an author.




199 m² (1. korrus)



Kitchen-dining room in soft olive tones.

Home with a capital letter. Light, airy, kind, and warm-hearted” are the keywords that define the essence of this house. We received this two-story house as an empty shell. In collaboration with the family, we have modified and supplemented both lighting solutions and the location of electrical outlets. The suspended ceiling solutions have been adjusted.

The interior design of the lower floor was created, with calm natural tones being the dominant colors. The style created based on the architecture of the house and the wishes of the family is a blend of classicism and modernity.

SPA floor

Partners: RM Stuudio, Noto Pro, Muster, Jeldwen, Avaeksperdid, Valgusmaailm, Isku, Softrend, Mitman Köögid. Photograph: Kirill Masing