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Interior architecture


Interior architect
Founder of the studio and an interior architect Ljudmila Funika-Müür

My journey into the world of interior architecture began in 2011, right after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture. I then took my first steps in this multifaceted profession.

I am still taking these same steps at this very moment, and I have remained faithful to my profession even after 13 years, confirming my choice with a master’s degree in interior architecture obtained in 2023.


Estonian Association of Interior Architects
Union member

I became interested in interior design at a very young age, and for the past 10 years, I have been consistently focused on creating various spatial solutions. Designing interiors is an exciting and responsible job that I do with heart and mind.

Every new project, whether it’s a new or old space, is like a new chapter or story that I interpret for the people living or working in the space. Interior design is a narrative of people’s habits and feelings - the interior architect is the weaver of this narrative.

Please take a look at my portfolio, as it tells you the story of families and places that have brought me together with interior architecture. The photos introduce my design language, and the completed projects provide assurance that I create spaces for real people according to their needs.




Stuudio88 OÜ deals with interior architecture design and special furniture planning. We offer solutions for both private and business clients, including real estate developers and construction companies, the hospitality sector, beauty and sales salons.